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1. Media owner and Publisher

ARGE Donau Österreich

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Administrative office Upper Austria:
WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH

Managing Director: Petra Riffert
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Representation of interests: Member of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Tourism and Leisure Industry Division, Travel Agencies Section, Travel Agency Trade, authorisation granted in Austria

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Administrative office Lower Austria:
Donau Niederösterreich Tourismus GmbH

Managing Director: Mag. Bernhard Schröder
Schlossgasse 3, 3620 Spitz/Donau
Tel.: +43 2713 30060 60

E-mail: urlaub(at)  

Representation of interests: Member of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Tourism and Leisure Industry Division, Travel Agencies Section, Travel Agency Trade, authorisation granted in Austria

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2. Corporate purpose of the ARGE
Donau Österreich (Danube Austria) is a working group established for the purpose of positioning the Danube as an elementary Austrian range of tourism products and services and to conduct joint marketing activities.


3. Fundamental objective
The abovementioned website is an independent information and presentation medium promoting the scope of activities described above.


4. Content design

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5. Graphics, Design and Technical responsibility
TTG Tourismus Technologie GmbH
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6. Exclusion of liability & Copyright
Although the greatest care has been taken in terms of selection and presentation, any liability with regard to accuracy and completeness, and liability for content is expressly excluded. We accept no liability for the content of links leading to web pages outside of; the respective service provider is responsible for the information contained therein.


Service information is to be regarded as no-obligation information provided as an overview. Content has been researched and prepared with the utmost care, however completeness and accuracy are not guaranteed. Information may change and be updated at any time. Any liability for content and for follow-up links is expressly excluded.

This website along with all content (images, videos, music, texts, graphics, designs etc.) are copyright protected.


7. Disclaimer re. tour tips


1.The suggested tours for hiking, walking, leisure road and racing oriented road cycling, mountain biking, motorcycling, horse-riding, climbing, cross-country skiing, skiing or snow shoe tours etc. are to be regarded as free tour suggestions and are solely no-obligation information. We have no intention of drawing up a contract with users of this website. In using the details, no contract is concluded with us.

Data is merely for private use; no commercial use is permitted. In particular it is also not permitted to provide data to commercially operated websites, trading platforms, etc. or use it to develop commercial products. By downloading, the user does not obtain rights to the respective data.

The tour suggestions set by us have been compiled with a great deal of care; in spite of this, we assume no liability for the accuracy or the completeness of the information.

We would point out that all the information regarding tour suggestions on this website and related data and information have not been set by us, but by third parties (§ 16 EC Law). We have no influence with regard to whether the details provided there (including distance, difficulty level, metres ascent, description etc.) are authentic, accurate and complete. We have not verified any external content. For this reason, we assume no liability for the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the information.

Constructional measures and miscellaneous influences (e.g. landslides or similar) may cause temporary or lasting changes to a route (e.g. a bridge being swept away, or similar). As such, the route or part of the route may be impassable.

Use of data and the utilisation (driving, walking, riding etc.) of suggested tours and of the route network is at your own risk and under your own responsibility. Users are of course responsible themselves for route selection, orientation in the terrain, adhering to traffic regulations, equipment and gear for tours listed under point 1 (e.g. their bicycle, etc.), wearing a helmet, estimating their own ability level, assessing risk and keeping to an appropriate speed. We eliminate any liability whatever for any damage and accidents that occur in using the tours suggested.

2. Many tours proceed via roads on which standard traffic conditions prevail. Please note that this increases potential risks, which are avoidable with due care, correct assessment and by implementing your own skills. With that in mind, please tackle any tour you are unfamiliar with slowly and take particular care. Continually be mindful of any possible sources of danger and consistently observe traffic conditions. Do not leave the designated routes.

Any use of private roads, in particular forest roads and agricultural roads, may be subject to  legal restrictions which are to be observed and adhered to.

Road traffic regulations apply. Every user (e.g. cyclist, motorcyclist) is responsible for abiding by these rules, for keeping their bike/motorbike in good working order and ensuring they have appropriate equipment (lights, brakes, etc.). Each user is solely responsible for maintaining speed to match the conditions and their own ability, and maintaining sufficient distance from the person in front. We expressly advise that you drive 'by sight', wear a helmet and reflective clothing (or similar) and use reliable bike lights.

3.All tours require very good physical constitution and condition, as well as extensive preparation. We expressly recommend that tours only be undertaken when you are in optimum health.

We recommend you take out personal accident and general liability insurance. Use a cycle computer which shows the trip distance and is front-wheel calibrated.

4.Specifically for mountain-bikers - 'Fair Play' rules:

Mountain-biking is one of the loveliest leisure sports that can be enjoyed in open natural surroundings. Cycling and mountain biking enable you to enjoy the mountains and the lakes, Alpine inns and taverns in a wholly new manner.  A few rules for 'fair play' will help to enjoy being out and about mountain biking in the forest without conflict.

a. Pedestrians take priority. We should pay heed to and be friendly towards pedestrians and hikers. Upon meeting them, use your bicycle bell and cycle pass slowly. At any rate, heavily frequented paths are to be avoided. Show consideration to nature – do not leave rubbish behind.

b. Ride attentively and be ready to stop. Ride at a controlled speed, be prepared to brake and stop, especially on bends, since obstacles can crop up at any time. Damage to roads, stones, branches, wood that has been temporarily stored, grazing cattle, cattle grids, barriers, tractors/forestry machinery, authorised vehicles are dangers we have to expect.

c.'Don´t drink and drive!’ No alcohol while mountain-biking. Use rest stations with consideration (using bike stands, dirty shoes or clothing). Providing First Aid is obligatory!

d. Signposted routes, ban on vehicles and closures. Respect signposted routes and barriers, acknowledge that these routes are primarily for agricultural and forestry use. Closures are often unavoidable and in your own interest. Cycling off route and outside authorised times is an offence, not respecting this makes us 'illegal' riders.

e. We are guests in the forest and should act as such, also with regard to forest and hunting personnel. Using a mobile phone and music players is off-limits while mountain-biking. Full attention is required.

f. Avoid making any unnecessary noise. In respect of animals that live in the wild, only ride when it is fully daylight. As a matter of principal always ride wearing a helmet (even uphill)! Bring an emergency pack with you – always have a repair kit and bandage dressings/plasters.

g. Evaluate your own abilities appropriately. Neither overextend yourself in terms of your technical riding ability, nor in terms of your fitness level. Be mindful of the route difficulty level and make a precise estimation of your experience and skills as a rider (brakes, bell, lights).

h. Close pasture gates. Approach grazing cattle at walking pace and close all pasture gates after you have passed through. Avoid creating situations where animals will panic and seek escape. Keeping all of this in mind, nothing stands in the way of fun and sporting challenges on the mountain and in the forest.
i. Road traffic regulations. Adhere to Austrian road traffic regulations (StVO) on all mountain bike routes. Bikes should be in good working order and appropriately kitted out for road traffic regulation provisions, i.e. have brakes, a bell, lights. Check and maintain mountain bikes regularly.

5. We assume no liability for the content of external Internet sites; in particular for their declarations and contents. We also have no influence on the design and content of sites, which are reached via hyperlinks from or from which hyperlinks refer to There is no continuous monitoring of sites which are reached via hyperlinks from or from which hyperlinks refer to We also take no ownership of the content of sites, which are reached via hyperlinks from or from which hyperlinks refer to