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Vacationing on the Danube in Austria

Current information and guidelines on Covid-19 for guests and travellers

Guests can find up-to-date information on the coronavirus on the website of Österreich Werbung. For more information: austria.info

In Austria, the ever-undulating Danube flows along banks replete with heavily wooded slopes and fragrant meadows. It passes through one of the oldest cultural landscapes in Europe on its way from Passau, a former bishop's see; past Linz, a vibrant cultural laboratory; and on to Vienna, the former imperial residence.

In between are picturesque spots that reveal the secrets of the myth-enshrouded Danube region. Imposing fortresses and castles gaze down into the valley from their cliff-top perches, hinting at the great significance this mighty river connecting so much of Europe has had for local inhabitants. The lovingly tended gardens of myriad monasteries and abbeys are full of fragrant, richly colored flowers.

Explore the diverse landscapes and historical city centers, the regional specialties and the fascinating change-up between nature and culture along the Danube from Passau to Vienna!

Impressions from the Danube in Austria