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Hikes on the Donausteig

You leisurely follow the rush of the Danube, which warmly welcomes you into its valley. Steep forested riverbanks fragrant with resin alternate with lush green meadows - a pristine habitat for humans and animals.

Huchen, zander and carp romp about in the cool depths of the river. Rock cliffs soar high above the valley. From there, you gaze down on this mighty river, which took millions of years to carve its current bed. And it was precisely at this point that the Danube did not manage to break through the hard granite rock and was forced instead to make two spectacular changes in direction.

Schlögener Schlinge - a unique landform along the entire Danube and the epitome of a river meander - shows the powerful forces of nature at work and inspires thoughts about new ideas and changes in direction.

On bright sunny days, you walk on the Donausteig surrounded by unspoiled nature.

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The Donausteig is ideal for

  • Through-hikers/section-hikers
  • Hikers out for an excursion
  • Families
  • Bon vivant hikers

Further information about the Donausteig

Donausteig, a 450 km trail
The Donausteig is a trail running along both banks of the Danube from Passau to Grein, traversing diverse natural and cultural landscapes along the way.

Optimum connection of train, bus and ship
This means excursion hikers have an easier time arriving at and returning to their point of departure.

165 starting, resting and panorama spots
At these spots, the ever-changing landscapes are staged fittingly with standard furnishings and signs providing extensive information. These spots provide wonderful outlooks and insights into the breathtaking countryside along the Danube.

Vacation packages geared to target groups
The bookable packages are geared to different types of vacationing hikers and divided into different categories, so each guest can find the package best suited to his or her needs as quickly as possible.

Donausteig interactive
This interactive hiking map lets hikers devise their own individual routes and print them out as PDF files.

49 Donausteig loop routes
Myriad paths branch off from the main route, taking hikers into the hinterland and letting them experience the region even more intensively.

Simply fabulous
120 Danube legends, newly retold and illustrated, are posted on the overview panels and add yet another facet to the picture the Donausteig paints of the region.

36 Donausteig innkeepers
These hiking experts from the region provide guests with sound advice and subject their lodging and dining establishments to set quality criteria.

Getaway vacation on the Donausteig
For those interested in exploring the Donausteig on a getaway vacation, there are bookable packages especially designed for two and three day tours. Shorter hiking stages combined with train and ship travel open the way to great and enjoyable tours that always return to the point of departure.

Videos of the Donausteig
If you just can't wait any longer, there are several videos of the Donausteig you can watch now from home.

Impressions of the Donausteig

Culinary Delights on the Donausteig
Culinary highlights along the Donausteig
Hiking on the Donausteig near Grein
Hiking on the Donausteig with a view of Grein
Burgstall Blick am Donausteig
Resting at the Burgstall lookout on the Donausteig