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Lower Austria

Apricots, asparagus & Co

Apricot blossom in the Wachau
Apricot blossom in the Wachau

Incomparable Wachau apricots, luscious Marchfeld asparagus, fresh Danube fish or crisp Wachauer Laberl - the Danube region in Lower Austria is a true mecca for bon vivants. Only a handful of regions offer such a wide variety of fresh regional products.

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Lower Austria as wine country

The Danube region in Lower Austria is among the top destinations for bon vivants in Europe. Foodies of all stripes have a big selection of delicious addresses - from rustic heurige taverns on lanes lined with wine cellars to cozy country inns and exquisite award-winning restaurants.

View of the vineyards in Spitz in the Wachau
View of the vineyards in Spitz in the Wachau

Six of the eight wine routes in Lower Austria as well as the Klosterneuburg wine region are located in the Danube region of Lower Austria; many of the winemakers are internationally renowned. The Wachau, a UNESCO World Heritage region, is well-known internationally as a wine area. Superb Rieslings and Grüner Veltliners flourish on the steep and sunny terraced vineyards of its primary rock slopes.

Only a handful of regions treat visitors to such a diversity of delicious products - from Wachau apricots and Wachau saffron to asparagus from the Marchfeld and fresh fish. There are ample opportunities to sample the culinary treasures the Danube has to offer.

All about wine

Wachau, Traisental, Kremstal, Kamptal, Wagram and Carnuntum: The Danube region in Lower Austria is home to six of the eight  Wine Routes in Austria and to several of its most famous vineyards.

Wines flourish here thanks to the diverse soils and the ideal climate that combines moist Atlantic influences with dry Pannonian ones. The Wachau Rieslings are famous internationally, for instance, while wines pressed from Grüner Veltliner, Chardonnay and Gelber Muskateller grapes are also of exceptional quality.

Many winemakers have gained world renown and are innovators in their craft. Besides winery-gate sales (“Wein ab Hof”) several wineries also have wine tasting and guest rooms.

Heuriger and buschenschank are synonyms designating a winery allowed on certain dates to sell the wines and foods it makes itself.

“Buschen” is a bundle of twigs hung over the entrance (“ausgesteckt”). It signals that the establishment is open. Our practical online heuriger calendar lets you see at a glance which winemakers in your area are open at any given time.

Anyone who enjoys reveling in vacation memories sipping a glass of fine wine at home is sure to make real finds in the wine shops along the Danube.

Best of Wachau

More than 50 certified “Best of Wachau” businesses have been ensuring top enjoyment from regionally typical lodgings, food and drink since 2012.

Whether you are looking for a country tavern or a gourmet temple, for lodging at a winery or in a five-star hotel, the Best of Wachau businesses share one essential trait despite all their diversity. The Wachau and their guests are dear to their hearts.

These businesses offer more than excellent quality. They bring the Wachau alive. They let guests see it and taste it in homemade specialty dishes made from regional ingredients and in their close ties to local food producers.

At the core of this range are the classic products of the Wachau: the unique wines with their mineral note, the delectable dishes incorporating Wachau apricots or the famous roll known as the Wachauer Laberl.

For all the details, please visit www.bestof-wachau.at 

Award-winning cuisine

About two thirds of the best gourmet restaurants in Lower Austria awarded 2 and 3 toques  and 15 to 18 points by Gault Millau are located on the Danube.

The uncontested number one is Lisl Wagner-Bacher’s son-in-law Thomas Dorfer at Landhaus Bacher. This restaurant currently has three toques and 18 points in the Gault Millau Guide. Dorfer was Austrian Chef of the Year in 2009 and is following in his mother-in-law’s footsteps as one of the absolutely best chefs in Austria.

Another great place for culinary masterpieces is the area around Tulln in the Danube region known as Tullner Donauraum-Wagram. Two Gault Millau toques were awarded to Gasthaus Sodoma (15 points) in Tulln and to Der Floh (16 points) in Langenlebarn.

An ample selection of award-winning restaurants can also be found in the Danube region known as Römerland Carnuntum-Marchfeld. Adi Bittermann from bittermann Vinarium (15 points) in Göttlesbrunn cooked his way to two toques in Gault Millau.

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Culinary festivals

At the wachau GOURMETfestival this UNESCO World Heritage region musters up everyone who is anyone in the world of fine dining. The best restaurants in the Wachau serve exclusive multi-course meals, stage entertaining cooking shows and hold unusual wine tasting events. www.wachau-gourmet-festival.at

Weinfrühling events are celebrations of wine in spring in the Danube region of Lower Austria and are special opportunities during the wine year to sample the winemakers’ various wines and to stock up on wine. Weinfrühling extends from the end of March to the beginning of May. Wachau Wine Spring is recommended, for example, as is Spring Awakening in Wagram, the New Wine Fest in Göttlesbrunn and the 3-Valley Wine Spring in the Kamp, Krems and Traisen valleys.

The season for wine festivals and cellar-road festivals begins in early summer when the weather warms up. Among the top wine festivals are those in Krems-Stein, Rohrendorf, Furth, Fels am Wagram and Prellenkirchen.

In Lower Austria, wine has its very own season: Weinherbst, a celebration of wine and autumn. From mid-August to the end of November the focus is on wine enjoyment coupled with old traditions, culinary delights and scenic landscape.

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