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Upper Austria

Events in the Danube region in Upper Austria

The calendar of events in the Danube region in Upper Austria has a variety of events all year long. The cycling season on the Danube Cycle Path is opened every year with Rad Total im Donautal. This car-free cycling fest in the Danube Valley between Passau and Schlögen is celebrated on a Sunday with music acts, a children's program, sweepstakes and local delicacies.

Donau in Flammen (Danube in Flames) is a set of legendary events in Upper Austria built on the fascinating combination of fire and water. The famed storyteller Helmut Wittmann has compiled the treasure trove of legends from the Danube region once again. His legendary Danube creatures are in the spotlight during Donau in Flammen before the sky is brightly illuminated by thousands of lights. For about 15 minutes, the otherwise tranquil Danube becomes loud and bright - music resounds throughout the valley while colorful fireworks are reflected in the water. For more information, please visit www.donauinflammen.com

Among the music highlights along the Danube in Upper Austria are the summer concerts at Clam Castle. International stars regularly perform at this small but exquisite venue. The Strudengau becomes a stage for a lively dialog between early and modern music. The historical performance venues add a special touch. The donauFESTWOCHEN im Strudengau is a festival that entices you to make your way to Greinburg Castle, the Strindbergmuseum Saxen or the glass pavilion in Waldhausen. For all the details, please visit www.donau-festwochen.at

The many different events along the Danube can often be combined with a hike. The autumnal Legend Hike on the Donausteig with the famed storyteller Helmut Wittmann is a low-key, impressive counterpoint as is the 24h hike around the scenic meander in Schlögen on that same trail.


  • Rad Total im Donautal - 23 April 2017
  • Donau in Flammen - 3 June 2017, 16 June 2017, 11 August 2017
  • donauFESTWOCHEN im Strudengau - 28 July through 15 August 2017
  • Legend Hike on Donausteig - 17 September 2017
  • 24-Hour Hike on Donausteig - 14 to 15 October 2017


For information on all events along the Danube in Upper Austria, please click here!

Impressions of events in Upper Austria

24-Hour Hike on the Donausteig
24-Hour Hike on Donausteig
Donau in Flammen
Donau in Flammen
Legend Hike on the Donausteig
Legend Hike on Donausteig