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The Romans in Vienna

Roman museum Vienna / Photo: Wienmuseum, Hertha Hurnaus
Roman museum Vienna / Photo: Wienmuseum, Hertha Hurnaus

Vienna's beginnings as a settlement go back to Roman antiquity. In the 1st century after Christ, the Romans established the Vindobona military camp on the site of today's city center. Several thousand soldiers served to protect the northern border of the Roman Empire. A flourishing economy grew up around the Vindobona camp and 30,000 people soon lived in today's metropolitan area - among them people from all parts of the Roman Empire.

The Romans were the determining force in the Vienna area for around 350 years and traces of their culture can still be found throughout the city. Remains of the Roman camp suburb (Canabae) can still be marveled at on Michaelerplatz. And the Roman Museum on Hoher Markt - once the site of officers quarters and large baths - offers a journey back in time to Vienna's ancient past.