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Upper Austria

Roman traces along the Bavarian-Upper Austrian Danube

Roman fortress in Oberranna ©WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH, Hochhauser
Roman bath in Schlögen ©Pia Odorizzi

The Roman Empire, with its legionnaires, craftsmen, farmers, castles and baths, shaped our country for more than 500 years. The Danube was the northern border of the Roman Empire. Its main base was "Lauriacum", a legionary camp in the area of today's Enns. From there on, the Roman military controlled a network of forts and bases to protect the border from Linz to Schlögen and Oberranna.

Along the Bavarian-Upper Austrian Danube, you can admire various traces of the Romans. They revive the history of the Romans and give an insight into their former life. These traces include the Roman fortress and museum Boiotro in Passau, the Roman fortress in Oberranna, the Roman park in Schlögen and museum Lauriacum in Enns.

The Roman fortress and museum Boiotro is located in the center of Passau and based on the foundations of fortress Boiotro, which was buildt around 280 BC. The Roman fortress in Oberranna, also called STANACUM, is about 1700 years old and the best preserved ancient building in Upper Austria. A fortess, a small civilian settlement and a Roman bath are waiting to be discovered at the Roman park in Schlögen. The show collection at museum Lauriacum in Enns belongs to the most important of the Roman era in Austria. It is dedicated to the life in the legionary camp and the Roman settlement.

Now go on, pack your backpack and discover the Roman Heritage!