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Lower Austria

Ancient Roman tracks along the Danube in Lower Austria

Heidentor ©Andreas Hofer
Mautern ©Steve Haider

About 100 before Christ the Romans settled the colony Favianis along the Danube, at this place is now Mautern located. The Roman museum documents the archaeological momentous remains.

One of the oldest buildings of Austria is the Roman Gate and the Fortified Tower in Traismauer. In the courtyard of the castle Traismauer is the stonework of the former Limes-Castell located. Also today's Tulln contains impressive relicts with the Roman Tower and the Roman Museum. The Roman Walls in Zeiselmauer give an idea of how life was in formers roman ancillary troops castells.

The landmark of Carnuntum is the Heidentor, Austrias most famous roman heritage building. The roman history has been especially lively rehased in the Roman City Carnuntum. Here, at the original location a worldwide unique roman district has been reconstructed in historical context and in ancient architectural technology.

Roman enjoyments

The Romans promoted the cultivation of vine stocks at the Limes. Today there are still tracks from the Romans visible at the Nikolaihof Wachau in Mautern: In the courtyard are still remains from the Early Christian Agapetus basilica.

Norbert C. Payr, owner of the restaurant Zum Lustigen Bauern in Zeiselmauer, is famous as contemporary ambassador and pioneer of the roman cuisine. Every last Thursday of the month he cooks some typical roman meals.

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