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Roman Danube Limes

Traces of the Romans along the Danube in Austria

The Romans came to the Danube 2000 years ago, remained there for over 400 years and were a defining element of the history. The Austrian Danube Limes was part of the 7500 kilometers long border of the Roman Empire, which ran through 20 countries and three continents, from Scotland to the Middle East and Morocco. Many equate the Danube Limes with the Great Wall of China, in terms of its importance as an archaeological monument. 

In Upper Austria is the northern border of the Roman Empire located. From the first century AD, fortifications were built along the river. Nowadays, the Roman fortress in Oberranna and the Roman Bath in Schlögen can still be admired. In Lower Austria, more precisely in the excavation site of the Roman city of Carnuntum, a Roman district was reconstructed in original construction. This reconstruction is unique. Another highlight is the Heidentor, which is also located in Carnuntum. In Vienna, the Roman Museum offers insights into the Roman history of the legion camp Vindobona