Markus Eiglsperger & Benno Iten


Top-class speakers

will share their ideas on the way to a more environmentally friendly navigation on the blue Danube.

Markus Eiglsperger © Hochschule Konstanz
Benno Iten © Twerenbold Service AG

Rethinking Tourism in the age of Artificial Intelligence: opportunities and challenges

Recently artificial intelligence (AI) has been thrust into the public spotlight by the astonishing progress of generative language models such as ChatGPT. In this presentation, Prof. Dr. Markus Eiglsperger of University of Applied Sciences Konstanz and Benno Iten, CDO Twerenbold Reisen Group, shed light on the current state of AI development. They will show how the low entry threshold to use AI, easy availability and quality of results opens up new opportunities in tourism, such as improving the customer experience, automating processes, increasing the quality of offerings and improving efficiency.

In a second part of the presentation, current research projects of the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz are presented, which use artificial intelligence for inland navigation for automatic docking and collision detection.