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By car

Fascinating remnants of Ancient Rome along the Danube

This car tour along the Danube lets you explore the traces the Romans have left behind in the region. Five days of travel are recommended for the entire 360 km trip from Passau to Hainburg. Given the hours of the museums along the way, Wednesday is the recommended day to begin the tour. The itinerary is meant as a suggestion. Please feel free to modify it to fit your personal preferences.

Recommended route

Day 1: From Passau to Linz
This cultural tour starts in Passau, known as Batavis when it was a border customs town in Roman times. The local Roman Museum is a highlight of the tour, which then proceeds through the Eferding Basin to Linz.

Starting point: Passau
End point: Linz
Length: 85 km
Travel time: ~ 1:30 hours

Day 3: The legendary Strudengau & the much-extolled Wachau
Starting in Grein, this stage takes you through the Strudengau to Pöchlarn, a base for the Roman fleet on the Danube. From there, you proceed to the Wachau, a UNESCO World Heritage landscape, and end up in Mautern, known in Roman times as Favianis.

Starting point: Grein
End point: Mautern
Length: 82 km
Travel time: ~ 1:45 hours

Day 5: From Vienna to Hainburg
The final stage takes you from Vienna to the Danube wetlands (Nationalpark Donau-Auen) and on to the highlight of the tour: Carnuntum and the Roman city of Carnuntum. The tour ends in Hainburg.

Starting point: Vienna
End point: Hainburg
Length: 50 km
Travel time: ~ 1:15 hours

Day 2: From Linz to the Strudengau
From Linz, this stage takes you first to Enns. The Lauriacum Museum is one of Austria's leading Ancient Roman collections in public hands. From there, you continue to Grein, a small town on the Danube.

Starting point: Linz
End point: Grein
Length: 65 km
Travel time: ~ 1:15 hours

Day 4: Through the Tulln Basin to Vienna
From Mautern, this stage takes you through the Tulln Basin to Traismauer via Tulln and its impressive Roman Museum, then to Zeiselmauer and from there into the Danube metropolis of Vienna.

Starting point: Mautern
End point: Vienna
Length: 78 km
Travel time: ~ 1:45 hours