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Hapsburgs & Baroque along the Danube

This tour explores fascinating sites along the Danube related to the Hapsburgs and the baroque age - from Passau to Engelhartstetten and Schloss Hof. Seven days of travel are recommended for the entire 375 km tour. The itinerary is meant as a suggestion. Please feel free to modify it to fit your personal preferences.

Recommended route

Day 1: From a baroque city to a forgotten seat of imperial power
Starting in the splendid baroque city of Passau, this stage takes you on the Nibelungenstrasse through pristine valleys to Linz, a forgotten seat of imperial power.

Starting point: Passau
End point: Linz
Length: 85 km
Travel time: ~ 1:30 hours

Day 3: Strudengau & Wachau
From the Strudengau, the tour proceeds to Artstetten Castle. Just a short way downstream is Melk Abbey, the world famous gem of baroque architecture and the gateway to the Wachau, a UNESCO World Heritage landscape.

Starting point: Grein
End point: Krems
Length: 85 km
Travel time: ~ 1:30 hours

Day 5: The power center
The Danube metropolis of Vienna is the cultural highlight on this fascinating exploration of the Hapsburgs and baroque along the Danube. On this stage, you explore the first district, the historical center of Vienna.

Starting point: Vienna
End point: Vienna
Length: City Center
Travel time: on foot/subway

Day 7: The end of the monarchy & a pastoral country estate
This last stage of the journey takes you to the rambling Marchfeld, where you visit the dreamy imperial hunting lodge in Eckartsau and the grand country estate Schloss Hof.

Starting point: Wien
End point: Schloss Hof
Length: 55 km
Travel time: ~ 1:15 hours

Day 2: En route to the Golden Town
Today's discovery tour starts in Linz and takes you to one of the most beautiful baroque monasteries in Austria - St. Florian's. Then you reach the golden town of Grein.

Starting point: Linz
End point: Grein
Length: 65 km
Travel time: ~ 1:20 hours

Day 4: A day of monasteries
From the city of Krems, this stage takes you to Göttweig Abbey, a true baroque highlight, followed by Klosterneuburg Monastery, the only intact baroque construction site in the world.

Starting point: Krems
End point: Vienna
Length: 85 km
Travel time: ~ 2:00 hours

Day 6: Imperial splendor
On this stage, you visit Schönbrunn and Belvedere, two of the Hapsburgs' most magnificent baroque structures and both on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Starting point: Vienna
End point: Vienna
Length: City Center
Travel time: subway