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Hapsburgs & Baroque

Discover how the baroque age and the Hapsburgs have left their mark all along the Danube!

Belvedere Palace © WienTourismus-Christian Stemper

This cultural tour explores the Danube in Austria from two fascinating perspectives: the Hapsburgs and the baroque age. The Hapsburgs equal the Danube - a legendary symbiosis! They influenced the history of Europe like no other ruling dynasty. Starting as a minor duchy, the family built up their power base into the vast and powerful Danube Monarchy. At their peak, they had the grandeur of their ruling house manifested in magnificent baroque buildings that still leave people awestruck today. The Danube, the Hapsburgs and baroque are inextricably linked with each other. Set off on this wonderful journey of discovery through the Danube region by bicycle or by car!

Route for the bicycle tour “Hapsburgs & Baroque along the Danube”.
Recommended route for car tour “Hapsburgs & Baroque along the Danube”.