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By bicycle

The Danube - Modern & Contemporary

This cycling tour goes along the Danube from Passau to Hainburg. Ten days of travel are recommended for the entire 390 km trip. Given the hours of the galleries and museums along the way, Tuesday is the recommended day to begin the tour. The itinerary is meant as a suggestion. Please feel free to modify it to fit your personal preferences.

Recommended route

Day 1: From a baroque city to the Donauschlinge, a natural wonder
Starting in Passau, the City of Three Rivers, this tour proceeds along the Danube through pristine valleys to the Schlögener Schlinge, the legendary meander in the Danube at Schlögen.

Starting point: Passau
End point: Schlögen
Length: 42 km
Travel time: ~ 2:45 hours

Day 3: Linz - a cultural capital of European caliber
Linz is the first cultural hot spot on this exploration of the modern, contemporary Danube and its many fascinations. You encounter the spirit of modernism and the future every step of the way.

Starting point: Linz
End point: Linz
Length: City of Linz
Travel time: on foot/tram

Day 5: Through the legendary Strudengau to Melk
This day's stage begins in Grein with your passage through the legendary Strudengau. Later in Ybbs the Danube Valley widens again and you cycle next to the broad river till you reach Melk.

Starting point: Grein
End point: Melk
Length: 48 km
Travel time: ~ 3:00 hours

Day 7: Entering the plain
After leaving Krems, you cycle on to the secret capital of wine, Langenlois. Two further contemporary highlights are Grafenegg Castle and the city of Tulln.

Starting point: Krems
End point: Tulln
Length: 60 km
Travel time: ~ 4:30 hours

Day 9: Cosmopolitan Vienna
Cosmopolitan Vienna is the second cultural hot spot on this exploration of the modern, contemporary Danube and its fascinations. It delights visitors with culture, art and vibrant urban life.

Starting point: Vienna
End point: Vienna
Length: City Center
Travel time: on foot/subway

Day 2: Through the Donauschlinge to the cultural capital
From the Schlögener Schlinge, the cycle route passes through pastoral countryside via Aschach before reaching the fertile Eferding Basin. Then you break through the Linz Water Gap and soon find yourself in Linz.

Starting point: Schlögen
End point: Linz
Length: 53 km
Travel time: ~ 3:20 hours

Day 4: From Linz into the Strudengau
After the cultural capital of Linz, you proceed downstream along the Danube: Mauthausen, the fertile Machland plain, and the town of Grein, the gateway to the Strudengau.

Starting point: Linz
End point: Grein
Length: 65 km
Travel time: ~ 4:15 hours

Day 6: Wachau, a UNESCO World Heritage landscape
The Wachau, the famous narrow section of the Danube Valley and a UNESCO World Heritage landscape, begins just after Melk! The mighty Danube, lush vineyards, fortified churches, legendary fortresses, ...

Starting point: Melk
End point: Krems
Length: 38 km
Travel time: ~ 2:30 hours

Day 8: Through the Vienna Water Gap to Vienna
Tulln, well-known as Garden City, is in the middle of the sweeping Tulln Basin. At one end of this basin, you pass through the Vienna Water Gap and suddenly find yourself in cosmopolitan Vienna.

Starting point: Tulln
End point: Vienna
Length: 34 km
Travel time: ~ 2:15 hours

Day 10: The last intact riparian wetlands & the Austrian border
On this final stage, you leave Vienna and cycle through the Danube wetlands (Nationalpark Donau-Auen). This tour ends in Hainburg just before the Austrian border.

Starting point: Vienna
End point: Hainbrug
Length: 50 km
Travel time: ~ 3:15 hours