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Cultural Travels

From antiquity to the avant-garde

Anyone who sets off on cultural travels along the Danube will encounter traces of the past in many different places. For instance, antiquity comes alive in the Ancient Roman city of Carnuntum and in fascinating museums. The world of the Middle Ages is still present along the Danube in the form of old fortresses, mysterious ruins and lovely churches. The pomp and circumstances of the Hapsburg emperors are evident at every step - not just at Schönbrunn Palace. And the contemporary art and culture scenes run the gamut, from the Ars Electronica Center in Linz to the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna.

Here are four detailed Danube cultural tours that can be taken by car or bicycle:

Make the Ancient Roman sights in the Danube region your own!
Explore the medieval aspects of the Danube region!
Discover the baroque age and the Hapsburgs along the Danube!
Experience the modern and contemporary side of the Danube!